Substantive editing

Substantive editing is perfect for texts that require large-scale changes, including restructuring or rewriting. Its purpose is to make sure your document is not only correct and consistent but also suitable for its intended audience and use.

I’ll work closely with you to ensure your final document is:

  • well-argued, logical and internally coherent
  • structured effectively
  • consistent with established knowledge
  • ethically sound
  • expressed clearly, elegantly and persuasively
  • linguistically tailored to your target audience (e.g. specialist terminology for an academic audience or jargon-free, high-level messaging for a policy audience).

Whether you’re writing a blog post, a policy briefing, a research report, an academic article or a campaign document, I’ll make sure your words hit the spot.

Do you require a simpler edit?

Perhaps you just need the following:

  • Ensuring correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Applying ‘house rules’ of a publisher/journal/organisation
  • Improving formatting, style and accuracy without changing the content.

If so, please see my copy-editing page – or if you’re not sure which service would suit you best, just contact me with your requirements.