Editing and proofreading portfolio

In the 12 years I’ve been an editorial professional, I’ve worked on hundreds of documents. Here are a few of them.



Sociology & Social Policy 

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I have edited and proofread numerous journal articles, papers and presentations for academics. Recent examples include research in the following fields:

  • Austerity in the UK and Europe;
  • Business and organisational studies;
  • Childhood predictors of men’s violent offending;
  • Children and young people’s gender cultures;
  • Civic engagement and civil society;
  • Climate change and global warming;
  • Devolution in the UK;
  • Equality and human rights in theory, policy and practice;
  • European Union and the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Feminist theory, history and practice;
  • Gender-based violence;
  • Guantanamo Bay;
  • Historic and contemporary social movements;
  • Hunger strikes and force-feeding;
  • International and national social policy;
  • International relations;
  • Iraq War;
  • Labour movements and trade unions;
  • LGBT rights;
  • Migration, displacement and refugees;
  • Participatory action research;
  • Policy studies;
  • Postcolonialism in theory, history and practice;
  • Psychology of intimate relationships;
  • Qualitative research methodologies;
  • Queer theory, culture, history and activism;
  • ‘Race’ and racism;
  • Social class and economic inequality;
  • Social model of disability;
  • Tactical innovation in social justice activism;
  • The Arab Spring;
  • Trans identities;
  • Violence against women and girls;
  • Welfare reform;
  • Women’s political leadership;
  • Work–family policies.



I have proofread essays and dissertations for postgraduate students – including students with English as a second language (ESL) – on a huge array of topics. Recent examples include:

  • Adult literacy and ESL classes;
  • Asylum-seeking in the EU;
  • Austerity in the UK and Europe;
  • Contemporary activism against domestic violence;
  • Counselling psychology;
  • Chinese NGOs;
  • Disadvantaged groups’ adoption of internet services;
  • Documentary filmmaking and sex worker activism;
  • Documentary photography;
  • Elite adolescents’ identity production in China;
  • European education policy;
  • Food insecurity and the capacity for ‘eating well’;
  • Foreign policymaking in post-war Iraq;
  • Forest conservation and Indigenous rights in Latin America;
  • Group counselling;
  • Instagram and eating disorders;
  • Sibling sexual abuse;
  • Small business lending practices;
  • Social media and women’s body image;
  • Social work with adults, children and families;
  • Sustainable tourism development in Thailand;
  • The philosophy of language and linguistics;
  • The significance of aesthetics in retirement homes;
  • The UK ‘Bedroom Tax’;
  • Transitions towards professional social work practice;
  • Women’s reproductive rights and reproductive justice;
  • World Heritage Sites in England and Thailand.