Copy-editing is great for a document that’s in its final stages. It’s the service to choose when the document doesn’t require major changes in content, but needs a pair of eagle eyes over it before its final proofread and release into the world.

I’ll make sure your document:

  • Uses correct and consistent spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax (conforming to UK or US English, as required)
  • Adhere to the ‘house rules’ of an organisation, your target publisher or journal (e.g. in the presentation of headings, numerals, references and citations)
  • Is consistent with whatever style guide you’re using (e.g. Chicago Manual of Style, APA or that of your university); alternatively, I can create a style sheet for you
  • Is formatted and presented correctly and consistently.

Please see my Portfolio for examples of work I’ve copy-edited.

Do you require a more substantial edit?

Perhaps you require more substantial changes, such as:

  • Changing the actual content of the text
  • Re-writing or restructuring the document
  • Improving the consistency and coherence of your argument
  • Ensuring your document achieves its aims for its intended audience and use
  • Ensuring your claims are consistent with the established knowledge base and ethically sound.

If this is the case, please see the section on substantive editing, or contact me to discuss your requirements.