Substantive editing (also known as ‘developmental editing’) is perfect for a document that requires significant changes, including restructuring or rewriting. Its purpose is to make sure your document is not only correct and consistent but also suitable for its intended audience and use. For this reason, subject specialism is often required for this kind of editing. See my list of specialisms here.

I’ll work closely with you to ensure your final document:

  • achieves its aim for its intended audience in terms of language, content, style and tone;
  • is well-structured, internally coherent and logically organised;
  • contain no content errors;
  • is in line with established knowledge on the subject;
  • adheres to the relevant ethical, legal and copyright frameworks; and
  • expresses its arguments clearly, elegantly and persuasively.

This may include restructuring or rewriting, if that’s what we decide your document needs.

Copy-editing is great for a document that’s in its final stages. It’s the service to choose when your document doesn’t require major changes in content, but needs a pair of eagle eyes to look over it before its final proofread and release into the world.

I’ll make sure your document:

  • uses correct spellings, grammar and language (in US or UK English – whichever you require);
  • adopts a consistent style throughout (including punctuation, grammar, formatting, spelling, hyphenation, treatment of numerals, quotations, etc.), adhering to your preferred style guide (e.g. Chicago Manual of Style, New Hart’s Rules, your target journal’s style guide or your university guidelines) or creating a bespoke Style Sheet for you;
  • is free of errors, omissions, inconsistencies and repetition;
  • consistently follows your required referencing and citation style (e.g. Harvard, APA), and that all in-text citations are present, correct and consistent with the references list (and vice versa);
  • includes correct labels for any figures and tables, and that these correspond with the List of Figures / List of Tables (if present – or I can create these lists for you);
  • uses acronyms consistently, and that all acronyms are listed in the List of Abbreviations (if present – or I can create this list for you);
  • includes the necessary frontmatter (e.g. Table of Contents, Lists of Figures/Tables, List of Abbreviations, Acknowledgements) and endmatter (e.g. Appendices, References, Bibliography), and that these are appropriate to your document and in the right order.

Proofreading is perfect for a document that’s ready to go but requires a final quality check. 

I’ll make sure your document:

  • is free of embarrassing typos or grammatical errors (I can work in US or UK English – whichever you require);
  • is free of formatting, presentation and design errors and ‘looks right’ on the page;
  • consistently follows your required referencing and citation style (e.g. Harvard), and that all in-text citations are present, correct and consistent with the references list (and vice versa);
  • includes correct cross-references, acronyms, page numbering and numbering of figures/tables; and
  • can confidently be released into the world.

I’m an eloquent, persuasive and versatile writer. I love helping organisations and individuals to communicate complex messages clearly and elegantly. I can write all kinds of organisational documents – from annual reports to funding bids, outcomes monitoring documentation to blog posts.

Your intended audience and desired results are my priority.

Here are just a few ways in which I can help:

  • If you’re an academic, I can turn your research findings into high-impact, jargon-free messages for non-experts and policy audiences. I love translating complicated messages into accessible (but not dumbed-down) plain English, and have experience of doing just that for academics in highly respected institutions, including Cardiff University and London School of Economics.
  • If you’re a nonprofit, I can communicate your vital work to the public, your funders and the people you need to influence. Whether it’s a short-notice funding bid, an encroaching annual report or a time-consuming consultation response, let me take the pressure off. And rest assured that you’re in safe hands – I’ve worked extensively in the nonprofit sector and know the pressures you’re facing.

Check out my portfolio for examples of my writing, including press releases, policy and research reports, campaign materials and think pieces.

Note for students

I do not provide writing services for students. This would be considered plagiarism, which is a very serious academic offence and can result in you being expelled from your course and/or institution.