Subject specialisms

I specialise in editing, proofreading and writing in the subjects of social policy, social sciences and social justice.

Due to my career history, I further specialise in working with nonprofits, charities and NGOs.

The following are particular subject specialisms:

  • Social class, poverty and inequality
  • Austerity and welfare reform
  • Neoliberalism and globalisation
  • Devolution in the UK context (particularly in the Welsh context)
  • Charities, nonprofits and NGOs
  • Civil society, social movements and social change
  • Gender, women’s studies and feminism
  • Violence against women and children
  • Equalities and human rights in law, policy and practice
  • Politics and government
  • Sociology
  • Social policy
  • Qualitative research methods and research ethics
  • Sexualities and queer theory
  • ‘Race’ and postcolonial studies
  • Critical and cultural theory.

I am also conversant in the following subjects:

  • Social work
  • Law
  • Business and management studies
  • Counselling and psychotherapy
  • English literature
  • Philosophy
  • Art, art history and visual culture.

It’s worth noting that copy-editing and proofreading require excellent editorial skills rather than in-depth subject knowledge. However, substantive editing and writing do require subject-specific expertise.

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