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I am passionate about combining my extensive experience in the voluntary sector with my editorial expertise to help nonprofits achieve their goals.

Prior to becoming a full-time editorial professional, I worked in the voluntary sector for seven years in policy, research and communications roles. I’m always delighted to apply this experience to my work with nonprofits – from small local charities to international NGOs.

Here are some of the ways I can help:

  • Campaigns: Whether it’s a quick public-facing campaign or a long-term political relations campaign, you need your messaging to be engaging, audience-appropriate and effective. I can help by writing your campaign materials from scratch, helping you to develop existing materials or simply checking they’re free of any embarrassing errors before they’re released into the world.
  • Organisational reports: Wondering how you’re going to fit in writing your annual report alongside all your other vital work? Outcomes monitoring documentation getting you down? I can be an extra pair of safe hands so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.
  • Policy: Policy work for nonprofits is my main area of expertise. Whatever the format – from a one-page parliamentary briefing to a full-length report – I’ll make sure your policy messaging is succinct, persuasive and appropriate for a policymaking audience.
  • Regionalisation for the UK or Welsh contexts: Is your organisation working in the UK but based elsewhere? Or do you focus predominantly on Westminster but need your work to be relevant in Wales? I help international NGOs to make their materials UK-relevant, and UK organisations to adapt their materials to the devolved Welsh context.
  • Research: Have you conducted some research but just don’t have the time to write it up? Do your research findings need to be translated into audience-appropriate materials for policymakers or non-experts? I can make sure your research is written persuasively and communicates the right messages to those you want to influence.
  • Fundraising: Need a funding bid written by yesterday but just don’t know how you’re going to find the time? Want to make sure your bid meets all the funder’s criteria and is free of errors, repetition and jargon? I can produce it from scratch or polish your draft into a winning bid. I can also produce fundraising materials for your volunteers, helping you to bring in extra revenue for your vital work.
  • Press and publicity: Would a well-placed advertorial or feature article help your organisation to achieve its goals? Perhaps you need an extra, experienced pair of hands to help with producing press releases? Let me help you to raise awareness of your work in the press.

You can see samples of my writing for non-profit organisations here, or read more about my career in the third sector here.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you to achieve your goals.

In today’s ‘publish or perish’, REF-focused academic world, academics must give their research the best possible chance for publication and impact.

I love working with academics to increase the reach and impact of their research findings. I’ve worked with academics from institutions across the UK (including Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol and Warwick), Europe and further afield. I also regularly work with academic publishers (including Routledge, Taylor & Francis, and Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol university presses) and university departments themselves (including LSE, Cardiff and Birmingham).

Here are a few ways I can help.

  • Journal articles: I’ll work with you to make your article as good as it can possibly be before you submit it to your target journal (or following a ‘revise and resubmit’ outcome). Whether it requires structural intervention, copy-editing, formatting to adhere to the journal’s guidelines or a final proofread to check for errors, let me help you to give it the best chance possible of publication.
  • Books: Editing academic books forms a cornerstone of my business. I’ll make sure your book flows well, is logically arranged and argued, is referenced correctly and presents your research in an audience-appropriate way – whether your target readership is a specialist academic audience or the general public.
  • Influencing policy: I love helping academics to translate complex research findings into persuasive and policy-relevant messages. Whether you’re looking for a one-page parliamentary briefing or a full-length report, I’ll make sure your materials influence the right people – from Westminster to the Welsh Government and local councils.
  • Influencing the public: Do your research findings need to be translated into appropriate messages for non-experts? I’ll work with you to increase the reach and impact of your research by producing jargon-free, engaging and accessible materials – without dumbing down your ideas.
  • Improving your standard of English: I have extensive experience of working with academics with English as a second language (ESL). I’ll make sure the standard of English in your journal article, chapter or book is as good as (or better than!) a native English speaker, so that your readers can concentrate on your research findings – not language errors.

See my portfolio for a few examples of the hundreds of academic books I’ve edited or proofread, including for the following publishers:

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

I know how overwhelming writing a thesis or dissertation can be. Sometimes you’re just too familiar with your work to notice mistakes.

That’s where I can help – including with a student discount.

I proofread essays, theses and dissertations for PhD and Master’s students to make sure they are as good as they can possibly be before submission, including for students with English as a second language (ESL). I can also format and present your thesis according to your university’s requirements, including referencing and citations.

My own experience as a Master’s and PhD student means I understand the pressures that students are under. And my significant experience working with academics and academic publishers means I have an excellent knowledge of the conventions you’re expected to adhere to when writing your thesis.

  • Subject specialism is not necessary for proofreading; I’ve proofread theses on topics ranging from small-business lending practices in China to the aesthetics of care homes in England! However, you can see my subject specialisms here.
  • Find out more about my proofreading service here.
  • My own academic qualifications and awards are listed here.


I do not offer my substantive editing or writing services to students. Your thesis must be your own work, and plagiarism is a very serious academic offence. Proofreading is usually allowed, and sometimes copy-editing, but please check with your supervisor.

Copy-editing and proofreading for publishers is a cornerstone of my editorial business.

I have 12 years’ experience as a freelance editorial professional working for academic publishers, specialising in the social sciences and social policy (read more about my subject specialisms here).

In addition to my freelance experience, I have worked in-house at the University of Wales Press. Along with teaching me the necessary tools of the trade, working in-house equipped me with first-hand understanding of the publishing world and the pressures faced by publishers. I bring this understanding to my freelance work and business relationships.

I have provided copy-editing and proofreading services for the following publishing clients, among others:

Please see my portfolio, and contact me to discuss your requirements.

As a published writer, I know there’s no better feeling than seeing your words in print. I’ll help you achieve that, making your words sparkle while retaining your unique voice.

Whether you’ve written a blog post, essay, non-fiction book or book proposal, let me help to make your writing the best it can be before it’s released into the world.

Unnecessary mistakes look unprofessional and are distracting for readers. If you’re self-publishing, mistakes can result in readers leaving you bad reviews, affecting the success of your book. If you’re going down the traditional publishing route, errors can lead to agents and publishers dismissing your manuscript out of hand. I’ll make sure you avoid such traps, which are all too easy to make when reviewing your own work.

As a writer myself, I’ve been through the process of having my own writing edited for publication, and I know how nerve-wracking it can be. Rest assured that I’m on your side. 

For your business to make an excellent impression, its written materials must be accurate, error-free and persuasive.

I’ll help to make sure that your business leaves a lasting impact – for the right reasons. I can copy-edit, write, rewrite or proofread the written outputs of your business, ensuring you accurately and persuasively deliver your message to clients and colleagues.

I can improve your written materials in the following key areas:

  • English language use
  • grammar and punctuation
  • style
  • tone
  • consistency
  • presentation
  • message.

I can work on any of your business’s written materials, including but not limited to:

  • websites
  • promotional materials
  • annual and organisational reports
  • research reports
  • press releases
  • business proposals.

Find out more about how my services can help your business to get its message across, or contact me to discuss your requirements.